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PIDOP policy recommendations

The PIDOP project identified a large range of factors which promote political and civic participation and a large range of factors which inhibit participation.

On the basis of the findings, the project developed a series of detailed policy recommendations concerning the actions which may be taken by politicians, political institutions, media producers, educational professionals, schools and civil society actors to enhance political and civic participation among youth, women, migrants and minorities. 

All of these policy recommendations are based directly on the findings from the project. They are broken down under the following four main headings:

  1. Recommendations for politicians and political institutions
  2. Recommendations for media producers and media organizations
  3. Recommendations for ministries of education, educational professionals and schools
  4. Recommendations for civil society actors, including youth workers, youth and leisure centres, youth and education NGOs, and leaders of ethnic minority communities

To download a copy of the PIDOP policy recommendations, please click here [690Kb PDF].