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During its lifetime, the PIDOP project published Newsletters every few months to keep stakeholders informed about the progress of the project.

To download copies of the newsletters, please click on the links below:

Newsletter 1PIDOP Newsletter No. 1, 2010 [370Kb PDF]

Newsletter 2PIDOP Newsletter No. 2, 2010 [670Kb PDF]

Newsletter 3PIDOP Newsletter No. 3, 2011 [590Kb PDF]

Newsletter 4PIDOP Newsletter No. 4, 2011 [515Kb PDF]

Newsletter 5PIDOP Newsletter No. 5, 2011 [585Kb PDF]

Newsletter 6PIDOP Newsletter No. 6, 2012 [585Kb PDF]


Other Language versions

Turkish - Newsletter 1 [250Kb PDF]

Turkish - Newsletter 2 [870Kb PDF]

Turkish - Newsletter 3 [3900Kb PDF]

Turkish - Newsletter 4 [535Kb PDF]

Czech - Newsletter 2 [500Kb PDF]